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Native American Vintage Brooches

Without a doubt these are some of the most unique and artful brooch pins you will ever find anywhere. Quality jewelry with personality plus, vintage brooches and the turquoise pin are making a comeback. With the unique features and style of these pieces, you will not only be in fashion, you will be making a statement that you care about quality and owning something that is timeless.

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Zuni Blue Jay Turquoise Inlay Brooch Zuni Hummingbird Brooch Navajo Inlay Butterfly Brooch
Zuni Hummingbird Brooch
Our Price: $825.00
RNL P. & Q.W. Quoton Sr.
Navajo Inlay
Zuni Inlay Brooch Navajo Inlay Butterfly Brooch Zuni Dragonfly Brooch
Zuni Inlay Brooch
Our Price: $1,260.00
Zuni Dragonfly Brooch
Our Price: $54.00
RN Laconsello Navajo Inlay

Zuni Coral Brooch
Zuni Coral Brooch
Our Price: $339.00
round coral broach

Turquoise Brooch Pins

Each piece, handcrafted by expert artisans, is a one of a kind work of art. Using techniques that have been passed down for centuries, traditional brooch pins are often reimagined to bring a modern edge to vintage brooches. Our collection of Native American brooches is unique, with turquoise in its beautiful traditional color, often featuring other materials such as coral, opal, and mother of pearl. Whether you wear your brooch pin as a pendant on a chain or ribbon or pinned on a collar, lapel, or coat, you are sure to be making a fashionable statement. Any of these striking brooches are pieces that you can wear proudly for years to come.