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Hopi Kachina Dolls

Hopi Kachina dolls are whimsical and unique treasures, long admired by collectors and those who appreciate works of art that are beyond the ordinary. More than objects to be displayed on a shelf, these are conversation pieces that will inspire questions about the history of the item, its creator, value, and historical significance. Made from the wood of the cottonwood tree, the colors and patterns and details in this creation are awe-inspiring.

Kachina dolls, known to represent supernatural beings, were gifts to young girls and women in the Hopi tribes by the original Kachina deities. Kachinas were believed to encompass the spirit of all living and non-living things, such as animals, plant life, rain, and lightening, helping the Hopi people with their life struggles. Hopi Kachinas bring you one of a kind representation of centuries old tradition. These works of art will captivate you and bring charm to your home for decades to come.

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Neil David Hopi Kachina "Ogre Lady"
Neil David Hopi Kachina
Our Price: $1,500.00
"Ogre Lady"
Our Price: $8,000.00
Neil David Loren Phillips

Hopi Clowns

Hopi clowns are an important part of Pueblo Indian ceremonies and culture. The act known as “clowning” is meant to reinforce the values of the Hopi people by mocking and satirizing other cultures, taboos, and behaviors that are in conflict with Hopi values. Clowning often takes the form of performing skits or dance, often obscene, meant to entice laughter yet remind people of the importance of basic Hopi values, such as respect, sexual modesty, non-inquisitiveness, non-aggression, self-control, etc. The Hopi people believe in the power of creativity and creation; they expect their villagers to respect the powers that control social norms and standards of the community.

Hopi clown dolls represent special traditions of the Hopi people; traditions that encourage one to live a respectful and modest life. Our collection of Hopi clowns are all hand crafted, using an age old technique that tells a story. Shop today and add Hopi culture to your décor.